Declaring World Teacher’s Day a holiday for teachers will be a waste of productive time.

Hon Jerry Akporhor

Hon. Jerry Akporhor ||Teacher|| Counsellor|| Mental Health Advocate || Lead Eduator @ Informed Teachers Network||

Declaring World Teacher’s Day a holiday for teachers will be a waste of productive time.


Some colleagues have argued that this day should declared a holiday for teachers in Ghana but I disagree.


Teachers staying home and returning to work the following day is not a great way to commemorate Teachers Day. That will just be a wasted time.


It shouldn’t be a holiday but a Durbar Day for teachers in all Districts, Municipalities and Metropolis. We need recognition, motivation, encouragement, assurance, accountability and above all, we want our grievances heard by those who need to here them.


And you think we should just stay home as usual like we do every weekend and return to school the following day? Seriousely? No! I disagree.


Some Districts are trying in their own way to do something like that for their teachers, likewise some teacher unions too. But it will be more appropriate if our employer takes it up and make it a compulsory Durbar Day for all.


They shouldn’t just handpick some few teachers , two three teachers and give them cars and houses and forget about the rest down the villages and think that is going to motivate someone. Never.


I know I will never get close to winning that Teacher Prize thing so it has never been a source of motivation to me. I don’t know about others. But if it’s decentralized, more teachers at the grassroots get to be recognized and motivated.


We are not asking for cars or house’s. With my current income status, I don’t even need a private car. It will be a liability. I can’t maintain it. I know the also that the country is not ready to invest much into this.


So, what I want now is, If you find me to be a hardworking, just recognize my efforts, give me a citation, kalypo kuraaa I go take. For the love of the job.


Now, that’s motivating and a good way to celebrate Teachers Day.

One child at a time, we transform the nation.

✍️Hon Jerry Akporhor || Teacher || Counselor || Lead Educator

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