Why did you stop the learning program? Teacher Kwadwo quizzes GES

The famous comedian and professional teacher “Teachers Kwadwo”  (Michael Owusu Afriyie_Real name) in a recent Facebook post demanded to know why GES has stopped the “LEARNING PROGRAM” without any cogent explanation to teachers and other significant stakeholders. A program that has proven to amongst others, improve learners ability to read significantly.

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Ghana Education Service pls why was ‘LEARNING PROGRAM’ for the learners stopped? 🤷🏾‍♂️
It was funded by USaid. They handed it to GES and it has collapsed.That’s it.

I need a vivid answer because I have never understood that.
How can a program that helped most of the leaners to learn how to read easily be stopped without any explanation or reason?

The leaners are now suffering!!! this new curriculum is not helping!!!! 2yrs after the curriculum was introduced,where are the TEXT BOOK? 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Their “READING” ability is going down!
Come on!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️”

The program, Originally known as the USAID Partnership for Education Programm – Learning,  was a three years pilot program USAID funded and run by Fhi360 in 100 Districts across the country. It officially ended in August 2019. Ghana emerged first amongst other African countries where the programme was implemented.

According to data available, students ability to read at the early grade level has improved drastically. Teachers and parents have attested to this. They were all expecting the program to be adopted by GES, continued and extended to all parts of the country but only for it to be terminated without any reasonable explanation. One would wonder if GES is really ready to solve ready issues in our schools. We as a country have been worried that significant number of our learners complete their primary Education and are unable to read. Now that we have found a viable solution, we throw it out the window for no tangible reasons.

The introduction of the new curriculum which was supposed to bridge the gap unfortunately is two years old without any teaching and learning materials.

The program seriously needs to be brought back. Reading is a key to learning.

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