It turned out that I was wrong all along _ Hon Jerry Akporhor



I may not be too old or too experienced in the teaching profession but I’m my few years in the service, I have had the opportunity to facilitate professional development and capacity building engagement sessions with both trained teachers in public basic schools and untrained teachers in private schools.

Tell you what, being a facilitator for teachers can be very interesting sometimes. I will share my experiences one day_the good, the bad and the ugly.

During my engagements with the few  private school teachers I came across, one thing is always common – Lack of active involvement. You can tell that they are not really interested in whatever is going on. There are various explanations to their unique reactions. It’s not because they are mostly untrained. Far from that.

Truth is, some of them have issues with their salaries. Some have issues with their headmasters or proprietor. Some also have issues with their colleague teachers. Some also do not have passion for the teaching in the first place-they are just using the space to while away time. Others have the intention of leaving soon so they see no need wast their time on capacity building etc etc.

Due to some of these reactions in my past experiences, whenever I am invited again to facilitate such meetings, I feel reluctant to go. Last week, my boss had an appointment to facilitate one of such meetings in one of the private schools around. He informed me to escort him. I told him why I am now turning down such invitations and he said I should put that aside and escort him.

Fast forward, the meeting didn’t hold as scheduled so it has to be postponed to today. Unfortunately, my boss was engaged with something else and I have to step in fully for him. I was surprised the kind of reception I got. You can tell they were eager to learn. The interest was superb. Participation was great. I gave off my best and came home satisfied.

All along, I thought all private school teachers react same to such workshops until I met this set of teachers. I was wrong all along.

As I always say, an informed teacher is not the one who knows everything but he is the teacher who is open minded and ready to learn. He sees everyday as an opportunity to learn no matter what.

Make a conscious decision to be an informed Teacher. Continue to seek knowledge till casket.


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