Seven simple steps to help you organize your lesson as a teacher_Hon Jerry Akporhor

As an experienced educator working as a teacher under the Ghana Education Service and leader of the (ITN), I believe the following seven simple steps can be helpful for lesson organization.
1. Capture your learner’s attention and interest through a brief activity. Use songs, rhymes, games, puzzles, etc
2. Find out what they already know about the topic you are about to teach. Use questions and discussions. Remind them if they forget. Use video, charts, demonstrations etc.
3. Introduce the topic and find out what they want to know about it. Write it somewhere visible.
4. Tell them what you want them to know oand be able to do by the time you end the lesson. This should equally be written somewhere visible to all.
5. Involve them as much as possible in the lesson through. Adopt child centered approaches; role-plays, demonstrations, presentation, debates, group work, etc
6. When you are done, find out what they have learnt. Compare it with what you both agreed on at the beginning of the lesson.
7. Together with the learners, assess the lesson to ascertain whether the objectives you set together have been achieved.
Hope this 7 Lesson Steps was helpful.
Leave a comment and suggest additional things that can be done.
Hon. Jerry Akporhor- Lead Educator@ Informed Teachers Network.

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