It is not true that you must pay for all CPD activities and that they attract 2 points _ Justice Jnr Settor

CPD Activities are classified into two (2) types 1. Supply Driven Activities ie. INSET (free of charge) 2. Demand driven Activities i.e workshops organise by CPD Service providers

2. It is not true that each CPD activity attract 2 points. CPD activity points range from 1 point to 5 points depending on the activity you choose

3. One needs a combination on Demand and supply driven CPD activities to build points. This means you need not to pay for all your trainings to build points neither can you rely on entirely free CPD activities to build points

There is an element of cost components hence the payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance of GH1,200

Gh 100 is deducted at source to pay for portfolio assessment and renewal of licence
Please refer to the CPD Framework for more details. Thank you

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