We are squeezing water out of stone to make your policies work_ Elvis Jones Addo to Akuffo Addo.

Mr Elvis Jones Addo, the Headteacher of Battor RC Primary took to his social media account to express his pent up spleen about the way and manner the Free Senior High School policy is being implemented. According to him, the president is not being tolerant and honest to his critics. He calls on His Excellency the president of the state, Nana Addo Dankwar  Akuffo Addo to stop pretending as if all is well with free senior high school policy implementation. Additionally, he advised the president to tackle the problems associated with the  implementation of the new basic school curriculum that is two years old without implementation materials. There’s just too many things not going on well in the Ghana Education Service and teachers and Educational workers cannot remain quiet.

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“Our President feels he deserves a commendation rather than a criticism of the challenges facing the implementation of the fSHS.

No one can deny the fact that there are enormous challenges facing this policy. The government engaged some stakeholders before the implementation and these stakeholders have a responsibility to equally criticize this policy.

To describe these criticisms as a deliberate attempt and an agenda to collapse the programme is unfortunate.
This hasn’t been the first response of the President when such issues are raised. I remember he referred to some earlier critics as “Jeremiahs and Naysayers” and even campaigned against his opponent as someone who will collapse the fSHS because he said he will “review” it when elected as President.

Let’s not continue to pretend that there is no challenge and behave like ostriches. When those of us at the Basic Level even begin to speak about our problems then Ghana will be something else.
For instance a new curriculum has been introduced and for close to 2 years, textbooks and other materials needed for its implementation are no where in sight but we are squeezing water out of stone to make this policy succeed including spending meager salaries to buy textbooks and materials to work with. You cannot therefore say I want to deliberately collapse Basic Education system when I speak about these challenges and then deploy pure PR from people who are not even directly involved in this implementation and what’s happening on the ground.

For the criticisms, they won’t stop today nor come tomorrow. They will continue to come in thick and fast just as he the President always did when the shoe of power was on the other leg. The earlier we face these challenges head on and address them, the better. Plenty PR laced with pure grammar won’t address our numerous challenges in the education sector which sucks a chunk of our annual budget.

My JHS Teachers who are managing to teach the JHS 1 students without the CCP for since January I greet you all.

Source: Informed Teachers Network

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