4yrs B.Ed Program In Colleges of Education; Summary Of Campus Realities_ Ernest Mamonbe


This article summaries from start to finish, the realities of trainees within the four years period. Get a chilled bottle of Sobolo on your side while while you take dive into it.


Let me charge you to look for that letter in a fainted ink today that set you up on the journey of firsts in the year 2018!


Dear ……… (name)



We are pleased to offer you admission in behalf of the academic Board to purse a. 4-year undergraduate programme leading to the award of a Bachelor degree


What looked like a dream come true for many of us who have longed for to be in the talk and chalk profession at the same time a disappointment to the day-dreamed or camatose doctors, lawyers, bankers, and the well suited soothed hydro-cooled offices.

Well, I believe this we were all carried away by our myopic visions and in-opinionated selves. Our personal ‘chisis’ have placed us where destiny was designed for us_ a journey to the hinterlands deprived of comfort.


The first thing too far beyond the bridges of Bachelor, the title of firsts began when students had reported to school with high notes of joy only to be told CETAG was on strike and therefore students have to go back home with the dilemmas of whether their dreams were ever going to be a reality or not. Yes! the title of firsts.


Why don’t we talk about how we all arrived in our Alma Matters today?


Were you an intended student or flownover student?

Academic performance of A – c6 (Excellent to credit) is the standard of entry to most tertiary institutions in Ghana including Colleges of Education. What appeared of a waiver to these standards where two students with the same results or better on the part of the one denied admission was the conception point of many quitting their dreams of going to College of Education.


Something created on the spur of the moment; a way to relief some of us sighs and pains of this contemplations was the flying over of students from one acclaimed full college of education to another underlisted college.

There were those of us who came with a bag and few consumables in our armpit like nomadic Fulani man in search of cattle to raise. The bone-shaker buses we boarded on the road of sand shores told it all when we alighted. The gaze on those who came with the seemingly Rose Royce phantom troupe of families had clearly stated in no mincing order the social strata of their origin.

Your means of entry whether intended or flown over and mode of transport_ the car and road you plied, in one way or the other has already raised a flag of the institution you were coming into and the people you were going to meet.

Particular so, the common thing however, is how that we were all going to live under the roof of the same depilated dormitories and classrooms and other amenities.


To call a person a senior in education meant that that person is ahead of you in years and class. Our seniors were doing diploma in education whilst we were doing B. Ed. Some colleagues of ours who will not bend to the tradition of serving a senior, thought it robbery to call our seniors as


The contention was just a bird eye view and a stage play on what I perceived a reality on the field of practice.


No sooner had we thought of settling down from the bureaucracies of getting our SNNITs and e-zwiches than it was time to write the first semester exam from UCC, the University of Choice.


8 semester we were to do. 1/8 right there was gone.

The 8/8 didn’t come quickly and easily as we’re celebrating it today.


The intermittent mid-sems since the inception of the COVID-19 fiasco, our 8/8 was extended to mini semesters that we lost count of how many times we had to travel to and fro like the devil to end the usual one (1) semester. This one too is indeed a title of firsts.

It was a nuisance to friends and family over messaging our going to school or our coming back home.

“Ahba, w’ony3 wie school!”_ So haven’t you complet school? was the expression of these infuriated relatives and friends.



Enjoying allowance has been a privilege to teacher trainees but not bachelor teacher trainees. Another title of firsts when lectures have to stop over the beeping messages from STLF that read, ‘Your November -December Allowance and arrears if any, has been paid. Please, go to the bank, load your Ezwich card and withdraw your money. Call 0302751020 if you have any challenge. ” I had no challenge except that this allowance has been over hyped and erratic in it’s coming.

It lured many students and parents. to believing that school fees was not going to be a problem as far as ‘allawa’ was concerned.

Somewhat, some boys at least deserted dinning on these faithful days once in a blue moon to give the common market women changes for their operations.


Why should we not celebrate this bachelor? This is not the normal bachelor people go to do in the Universities. This is the bachelor that used us as guinea pigs sorry to say, for it’s hypothetical experiments.


The first time I slept on top of the baobab tree in my village and my phone fell and crushed when I wanted to hook up to the internet to attend google class lectures. Tell me this bachelor is not a title of firsts?


NTC and NTS was probably one of the obnoxious policy and a name that confused students like myself.


The standards from our own colleges perhaps were not enough, so were those of our inspectorate university UCC only for NTC to come and confound us more in their attempt to orient beginning teachers as we were on the New Teachers Standards.



At this time the thoughts that came to my mind was nothing more than aborting this dream or just to press on a bit looking at how far I had come. The thought “I am going to fight this battle with last drop of my blood” got me going.


I would not like to add more pain to our wounds over the adverse treatments that happened to us on campus. But this piece, will not have the memories of scars if I do not mention how we had to trek

kilometers of distance carrying

Kuffour gallons in search for water incomparable to Moses and the children of Israel in the dessert. The many of us who presumably became Muslims so we could perform ‘aliwala’ with sachet water in order to attend lectures. This was to those who came to school with the Rose Royce phantom troupe. If you came like the nomadic Fulani man, you’ll be left at the mercy of using dirty water to quench both thirst and to bath.


Maintenance ration balancer was a thing we imagined possible only in the western world as our dinning meals were ill prepared and malnourished.


The word of God was a lamp to our feet and a light unto our paths but not to our books to read; that is if you were a Christian. Dumsor at the time of exam was really not just a concerned but an insolvency that lingered in many colleges until today.


It is a difficult thing to believe when the people who are supposed to protect you are the ones paying someone to kill you. How will our own administrators deny us or delay us from writing our exams when they have asked us to go and rent outside to do our out program for three months?

Oh! The father Dan’s and father Emma’s (Ds and Es) they caused us in our grades, some who had to defer their course.


I just mentioned out program? The first time we did STS (School Teaching Support) from level 100 to 300 which now metamorphosed into Out Program or Macro Teaching as the NTC and NTS will try to modify it.


I would not talk much on out program since you’ve already read my piece on “Out Problem or Out Program?”


If you made through the fondly called out problem successfully, I say ‘Ayikoo’, ‘Natuma’, ‘Anilitun’!!!


You were able to rent 3 months for a year, to feed, pay utility bills, prepared lesson notes, got vetted and supervised. Congratulations once again!



As we were treating history and development of education in Ghana, I thought people have suffered to get certified in certain levels of education, but our suffering was firsts of sufferings and worthy celebrating.


I wish there was another Armed Forces Revolutionary Council to do some clean up exercise in the looting and sharing, hoarding and profiteering, chits and favouritism in our colleges today. What a robbery to deny students better food and from writing examination but refuses to refund their feeding components and over paid school fees.


What pained me the most is that UCC billed us an initial GHS370.00 as exam fees in level 400 first semester. Ladies and Gents, is this one too not a title of firsts for UCC and us?

Supervision of Macro Teaching which was done by staff of various Colleges is turned to examination?

Okay! We will pay when our feeding components are refunded to us.


I withdraw the immediate above statement as a 21st century professional degree teacher who is guided by professional ethics and standards of our noble profession’s nature, that a profession is guided by rules and that rules are made to be broken.

We will deploy all legal means we know best to do to get what is rightfully ours!



Educational assessment must be reliable and valid. How do you measure the proficiency or/and performance of a teacher with a pen and paper test item?

Hmmm! how wrong I am. First of the titles again is that it is now going to be CB( Computer Based). An opportunity for those of us who do not know how it feels like to write the popular NOV/DEC where we shall be posted to different centres for our GTLE. Who bares the cost involved in all these redundancies?



I cannot wish all of us a safe journey now because, I am tempted to say some of us are likely to stay around for a week on more to finish up with our project works over the intentional lackadaisical attitude of some tutors to punish us. Safe journey to those of us who are done with our!


Your Bachelor is the title of firsts, don’t be only first but be the first and best!


I say May the God who brought you here like a slave send you back like a king/queen and make fruits of your title of firsts worthy of celebration _Bachelor Degree in Education!


Congratulations once again 馃拹馃帀馃帄!!!!



Ernest Mamonbe

Yours ~ Ernest Mamonbe



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