Ashesi University’s The Education Collaborative Annual Convening 2022. Over 300 Participants

Starting around 2017, The Education Collaborative, a drive of Ashesi University’s, has coordinated Annual Convenings to unite a few African advanced education organizations to share their encounters for different foundations to gain from. The current year’s meeting was a combination of north of 300 members from more than 60 advanced education foundations situated in around 23 African nations

Facilitated by Ashesi University from thirteenth to seventeenth June, the 6th meeting saw members sharing and gaining from one another’s assets and inadequacies. Talking at the meeting, Madam Rose Dodd, Director of The Education Collaborative, noticed that coordinated effort between African advanced education organizations is basic in propelling the reason for Africa. She added that changing the African story can’t be accomplished by just a single organization.

In the last five years, the collaborative has impacted thousands of students across the continent. It has been a platform that has mentored many universities to adopt strategies and cultures that have made teaching and learning more impactful in other institutions.

As year last’s, #EduCollab2022 will make accessible a $60,000 present meeting award on taking part establishments to carry out or guide groundbreaking thoughts accumulated from the gathering. Members can access somewhere in the range of $3000 and $5000 each.

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