Being innovative in the classroom can be so satisfying- Simon Amoah

Being innovative in the classroom as a teacher can be so satisfying. I did something today and I think it’s worth sharing.

Hello guys!
My name is AMOAH SIMON a teacher at ABAKRAMPA MEHODIST. A basic school in the
Central region.

Guess what? I delivered what I considered one of my best lessons today and I’m really proud of myself. It’s about the Solar System.

Initially , after my first attempt at teaching the concept, I realized it didn’t go well. I was devastated and despondent. So, when I went home, I gave it a deeper thought.

I reorganized myself. I then came up with an idea to bring the solar system far above in the sky down here to my classroom. I created create a replica of the solar system and the reaction from my kids was massive. It really fulfilled me today.

I wish to share with us on this noble platform to encourage us to put in our best for these kids. It might not be easy but it is not impossible. Admittedly, there are challenges from many places but posterity will reward us meaningfully for the extra effort.


We owe these kids a better future.


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