Clearing misconceptions about the ongoing teachers licensing and registration_Hon Jerry Akporhor

1. Are teachers the only professionals being licensed in Ghana? No! Medical Doctors, Nurses and Midwives as well as lawyers have been Licensed too.

2. Do other professions also have a board responsible for licensing? Yes! Just as we have National Teaching Council responsible for licensing teachers, Lawyers have, Legal Council, Doctors have Medical and Dental Council, Nurses have Nurses and Midwifery Council etc.

3. How are other professionals Licensed before employment? They must first attend accredited training institutions and pass all their professional exams and get awarded professional certificate. This now qualifies them to apply to write Licensing Exam conducted by their licensing authority. Those who pass successfully are awarded the License to practice.

4. Why are in-service teachers not writing Exams to acquire the License. The policy is novel to the teaching profession in Ghana and those already in the service are given the privilege to just register on the teachers portal for the License to be issued to them. This serves as a baseline. The tpg also serves as a database on teachers for decision making.

5. Is the License useless? Yes! If you are considering is as the rectangular shaped paper or plastic which bears your printed name and some stupid numbers, yes. It’s just a useless piece of material. But beyond that, it comes with a very important concept which is the focus. Thus, Continuous professional development, point building and portfolio building. Without this, the License is useless.

6. What is so important about teachers License? It has elevated the status of teachers in Ghana to international Standard. That’s the practice in development countries. It has also brought us apar with colleagues in other jurisdictions who have started long ago. Most importantly, it has come with the concept of rigorous continouse professional development drive.

7. Do other professionals also engage in continouse professional development in other to build points for License renewal? Yes! They attend in-service education and training workshops and sometimes get rewarded for doing certain normal activities enshrined in their job description as a way of encouraging such practices. They have a framework to put all these together which qualifies them for renewal.

8. Is the License introduced to frustrate teachers financially? No! When  you are issued the License, you have three years to build all the points you need for renewal. Within this period, government pays you 1200gh every year to help you attend the workshops that demands payment. Some of the workshops are free. Most of the activities that generate chunk of the points as outlined in the TCPD FRAMEWORK doesn’t demand money. They are just the normal daily routines of the teacher.

9. Is the License and point building introduced to delay teachers promotion? No! That’s a grave misconception. On the average, promotion to the next rank in GES is done every four years. License is renewed every three years. So, a serious and committed teacher would have built enough points to renew his/her License before he’s due for promotion. A renewed licence is a qualification for promotion.

10. Won’t this point building lead to teacher absenteeism as teachers would be on the run chasing after CPD providers? No! Most of the activities that build the points are internal. Only few are outside. Some will even be virtual. The CPD providers know that they are dealing with teachers so they will be guided in the timing of the workshops.

11. How does all these help the learners in the classroom? As the teacher is motivated to fully participate in most activities in the school and is always attending workshops to regularly update his skills and knowledge, it automatically displaces to the learners in the classroom.

12. Supposing NPP leaves power, will the licensing be cancelled? No! The licensing policy is now law. It’s bigger than NDC and NPP. This law was signed by former president Kuffuor, piloted under Mills-Mahama administration and it’s now being implemented under Akuffo Addo. It has since been lingering around and has come to stay.

✍️Founder and Lead Educator _Hon Jerry Akporhor_ Informed Teachers Network

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