Collaborative Effort to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy in Nteso Anglican JHS_ Akporhor Ebenezer

Kwahu Nteso, Ghana – In the small farming community of Kwahu Nteso, the issue of teenage pregnancy is a pressing concern.

To effectively address this issue, the Lead Educator of the Informed Teachers Network, Akporhor Ebenezer, believes it is crucial to involve the entire community in the efforts to prevent teenage pregnancy at Nteso Anglican JHS.

This includes the chief, the assembly member, unit committee, opinion leaders, volunteer groups, and the parents of the students. By bringing these influential members of the community together, a united front can be created to send a strong message to the students that teenage pregnancy is not acceptable.


One way to involve the community in these efforts is to hold an education week focused on preventing teenage pregnancy. During this week, leaders from the community can come and speak to the students about the importance of making healthy and responsible choices.

This could include discussions on the consequences of teenage pregnancy, as well as information on contraception and other methods of preventing pregnancy.


In addition to education and awareness campaigns, it is also important to address the root causes of teenage pregnancy in Nteso Anglican JHS. This may involve working with the students and the community to identify and address any social, economic, or cultural factors that may be contributing to the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the area. By addressing these underlying issues, the students can be better equipped to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health.


Overall, preventing teenage pregnancy in Nteso Anglican JHS will require a collaborative effort from the students, teachers, and community. By working together and using a multifaceted approach, a brighter future can be created for the students of Nteso Anglican JHS and the entire community of Kwahu Nteso.


Source: Informed Teachers Network

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