Commencement Of 2022 School Selection And Placement Exercise For BECE Candidates


The Ministry of Education has produced a video explaining the school selection guidelines for candidates, parents/guardians and the public. The video will be played on various radio and Television (TV) networks across the country.

The video can also be accessed on:


Prospective BECE Candidates, parents/guardians and the public are to take note of the following timelines on the School Selection guidelines


1.Showing of School Selection- Video to BECE candidates –

24th October, 20222- 29th October, 2022



2. Selection of Schools -Candidates/Parents/Guardian

31 October, 2022 to 18th November, 2022


The Ministry hereby, reiterates its commitment to ensuring a smooth and effective school selection and placement process.

Kwasi Kwarteng

Spokesperson, Ministry of Education.

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