2020/21 Tamale Campus SRC/NUGS Executives Exonerated Of Misappropriation Of Funds _ Committee Report

Committee Report Exonerates 2020/21 Tamale Campus SRC/NUGS Executives Of Misappropriation Of Funds

In August 2021, there were several allegations in the media levelled against the 2020/2021 Tamale Campus SRC/NUGS Executives of the University for Development Studies (UDS). The media reports alleged that the 2020/2021 Tamale Campus SRC/NUGS Executives had spent an amount of GH 63,175.47 on the construction of a single bus Terminal.


Following the media reports, in September 2021, the Management of the University constituted a committee to investigate and conduct an audit into the alleged misappropriation of the UDS SRC/NUGS funds.


The committee has since completed its work and presented its final report to Management.


The report indicates that the picture that was widely circulated in the media and which was alleged to be a receipt of GHC 63,175.47 for the construction of a single bus terminal, did not reflect the truth.


Actual receipts and evidence of expenditure found by the committee indicate that the total amount spent on the project was GHC29,725.67.


The Site that had earlier been chosen for the construction was later found to be inappropriate to accommodate such a facility. As a result, and with the advice from Management, the project had to be redesigned and relocated to the University’s Sports Complex to serve as a sitting area for sports men and women as well as for spectators during sporting events on campus.


The committee explains in its report that the total amount of GHC29,725.67 covered the cost of the initial construction, the demolition and the reconstruction at the project’s current location at the University’s Sports Complex.


Some of the media reports also alleged that a total of GHC 18,014.85 was spent on a single bench installed within the bus terminal project. However, the committee established that contrary to those reports, a total of GH 16, 416.29 was spent on the provision of 12 relaxation benches and tables at different locations on the Tamale Campus.




The Management of the University for Development Studies (UDS) therefore urges the student populace, the entire UDS community and the General Public to disregard the false pieces of information that had earlier been published in the media concerning the alleged misappropriation of funds by the 2020/2021 Tamale Campus SRC/NUGS Executives.




The University for Development Studies (UDS) will continue to, at all times, exhibit the highest level of professional accountability as well as objectivity in gathering, evaluating, and communicating information regarding all of its activities to the public.


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