CSSPS 2023: Ghana Education Service Begins Verification of Students’ School Choices

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has announced the start of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) for the year 2023. The verification process for students’ school choices will begin on January 14th and end on January 22nd.


The verification process is an important step to ensure accuracy in students’ choice information before they are placed in their selected Second Cycle Schools.

Students, parents/guardians will receive an SMS message from the CSSPS containing a web portal link and a USSD short code number with a 4-digit token number. The SMS message will also include the student’s name and index number.


The web portal link for verification is https://csspsverify.com and the USSD short code number is 89988#. Students can use these to access their school selection details and confirm that the information is correct.

If there are any errors in their initial selection, students can call the CSSPS call center number (0556541525) or use the edit button available on the web portal. They can also send an email with a copy of the original selection form to cssps2021@gmail.com.


The CSSPS is providing three avenues for the verification process. These include a call center number, a web portal, and an email address. Parents, students, and headteachers who have difficulty accessing internet connectivity can use the call center number to lodge complaints or make requests.

Parents and students can use their index numbers and tokens to log onto the web portal and verify their gender, name, and choice of school. Candidates who have variations with their original school choices can scan and upload the selection form through the email address provided.


The CSSPS is also providing an opportunity for re-entry for students from year groups 2019, 2020, and 2021. Examination Coordinators are advised to compile details of all possible candidates who will avail themselves for onward submission to CSSPS. The token provided is free and its usage is unlimited.


In conclusion, the GES urges parents and students to confirm their school choices if all details are correct. Candidates who have not received their SMS messages are advised to contact the CSSPS for assistance.

The verification exercise is an important step in the school placement process and is not meant to change schools but to confirm initial choices selected.

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