Dismiss any teacher involved in any examination malpractice- Kofi Asare urges GES

Kofi Asare the executive director of Africa Education watch, an education policy think tank has urged the Ghana Education Service to dismiss any teacher in connection with any form of examination malpractice.

This According to him will be a demotivating factor for those who engage in it for financial gains.

He wrote this in a Facebook post

“In Sept 2021, after the 2021 WASSCE leaks, the Minister of Education asked BNI to take over BECE questions printing and distribution, instead of the Police, and nothing leaked.

Two months ago, we wrote to the Minister to repeat the BNI supervision.

Seeing the BNI assist in monitoring exam fraud at Bolga Technical Institute yesterday assures me of a reinforced government commitment to curb exam fraud, which is great.

But we have a highly morivated group of teachers who simply won’t give up exam fraud because of the business case. I urge the GES to dismiss any teacher found to be involved in examination fraud/malpractice.

Suspension does not deter enough. Dismissal or Removal from the Service in accordance with 4.3 (IV) (V) of the Code of Conduct served a better demotivation considering the profitability of this multi-million cedi business.

The weakest link for now is the prosecution inertia by the Ghana Police Service. After the numerous petitions and arrests, we are yet to see a single prosecution commence for 2021 WASSCE.

I hope the cops up their game.”

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