Dr. Eric Nkansah and Other Officials Monitor Ghana Teacher Licensure Exam at Accra College of Education

The Acting Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Dr. Eric Nkansah, joined the Registrar of the National Teaching Council (NTC) and the Principal of the Accra College of Education to monitor the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination at the Accra College of Education Examination Centre on Thursday and Friday this week.


A total of 692 candidates sat for the exam, which consists of three papers in Literacy, Essential Skills, and Numeracy.


In accordance with the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, the NTC administers the Licensing Examination to enable qualified teachers to acquire a professional license and to prepare teachers to meet the demands of the National Teachers’ Standards.


These standards require teachers to possess the minimum knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary to deliver effectively in schools.


The NTC has recently introduced reforms to the examination modalities, including the creation of a General Paper combining the three existing papers and the addition of two new papers: Related Pedagogy and Teaching Subject Based.


The Related Pedagogy paper will examine the arts, science, and profession of teaching, including teaching styles, feedback, assessments, and methods. The Teaching Subject Based paper will test teachers’ proficiency in their areas of specialization. These reforms will take effect in March 2023.


In addition to these changes, the examination will now be conducted on computers rather than on paper, shifting the focus to technology.


The NTC hopes that these reforms will improve the conduct of the examination and address current and future challenges in the teaching profession.


Source: Informed Teachers Network

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