Elementary Documents Needed For Graduate Degree Abroad

Dear Graduate School Hopeful, If pursuing a Graduate degree abroad is your plans for 2023, these are the elementary documents you need to have in place;


1. International Passport

2. Academic Transcript

3. BS/MS certificate

4. English Proficiency letter or TOEFL or IELTS

5. Academic CV

6. WES evaluation (if your CGPA is low)

7. Secure and familiarize yourself with your potential recommenders


📌Timeline – January to April


Here are the things you need to learn how to write;

1. Statement of Purpose

2. Cold mails

3. Personal statement

4. Diversity statement

5. Cover letter/letter of motivation

6. How to send out purposeful cold mails


📌Timeline – May to July


Skills/Endeavors that you should be involved with that gives your application strength

1. Volunteering

2. Community Service

3. Leadership/Human capacity building

4. Programming/Machine Learning

5. Research writing and publications

📌Timeline: January to August


Those who got fully funded offers last year had one things in common, they were purposeful about their quest. If you wish to join the winners band, you need to start now, start early and get your documents set.


We are the change📌


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