GES Promotion; Don’t accept these lame explanations from GES_ Sir Vincent tells Teacher Unions.

An aggrieved teacher simply know as, Sir Vincent seems not to be satisfied by the explanations provided by the Ghana Education Service after the release of 2021  promotion Exams results which was written February this year was riddle with inconsistencies.

“You cannot tell me to submit my documents for further verification and the next moment you tell me that i am unsuccessful”. He said


It would be recalled that, after GES released the results of the 2021 promotion exam, a section of the candidates checked results status on the online platform and were asked to submit some documents for further verification. Just when this message was causing chaos, they were asked to recheck and when they did, the sys again says they were unsuccessful so they should try again.

In a statement intercepted by Informed Teachers Network, the disturbed teacher asked the following questions seeking clarity;

“1.Is it true that the teacher unions have been engaged by the GES promotion exam results?

2.Is it true that the teacher unions agreed with this explanations from the GES?

3.Have the unions asked for further verification of what the GES told them?

4.Is there an opportunity for those who want to demand for a re-mark?


“I find it very hard to believe this story by the GES.” He indicated.

You cannot tell me to submit my documents for further verification and the next moment you told me that i am unsuccessful. Knowing very well what I did in this exam.
It is was an objective test so there is no subjectivity in the marking.” He remarked

He is therefore calling on Colleagues and the leadership of this the teacher unions to put serious measures in place to deal with this problem once and for all. For he who runs away from a fight lives to fight another time.

Today it might not be you but think about tomorrow.

Writing another Promotion aptitude test this year is good but cannot be a good news to those who passed genuinely but were denied through communist inferior strategy.
What shows that they will not be treated the same way again?

He is of the view that, the leadership of the teacher unions should not accept accept these lame explanations from GES, that GES must come again. Somethig fishy went wrong that must be probed .

“Please union leaders you have not finish your work.’ He stated

Source: Informed Teachers Network

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