GTBank donates computer lab to Atonsu M/A cluster of schools

Atonsu M/A cluster of schools gets a fully refurbished computer lab from GTBANK

On Wednesday, 9th june, 2021, Guarantee Trust Bank popularly known as GTBank handed over a fully refurbished and stocked computer laboratory to Atonsu M/A cluster of schools in Kumasi Metropolis bof the Ashanti Region in a colourful occasion.

Atonsu M/A computer lab

Tha computer lab, according to the Bank is to aid in effective teaching and learning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the school. The lab is opened to the school and other schools in the area.

GTBANK Atonsu M/A computer lab

The handing over ceremony was graced by indigenous folks and chiefs of the town as well as partners of the bank.

Atonsu M A computer lab

ICT/computer literacy and The Ghanaian Curriculum

Communication technology is or computer literacy skill is a 21st centry skill that’s changing the world so fast and Ghana as a country cannot be left behind. That’s is why ICT ( Now Computing) was introduced into our schools curriculum to equip the upcoming generation with the requisite skills to move along with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, after several years of introduction, many of our schools do not have the resources and tools to teach it effectively; inadequate trained teachers, lack of texbooks, computers and computer labs has been a struggle. This has had a great toll on the teaching and learning of the subject and acquisition of the skills.

What has been done so far about computer literacy?

Governments in time past has tried to salvage the situation but failed. The better Ghana agenda by the Mahama administration which saw the distribution of rlg laptops to some teachers and students failed. Some of the schools that received the laptops don’t have places to keep them, some ended in the hands of the wrong people, poor maintenance culture, amongst others.

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The way forward

The Akuffo Addo administration is currently pioneering one teacher on laptops agent with the sole aim of making the teaching and learning of ICT more effective. Though the said laptops are yet to reach the teachers, hopes are still high.

MPs, Telcos and other agencies just like GTBank are playing their role to make ICT Education a success. Government alone cannot win this fight. It is a fight that needs all hands on deck.

Source : Informed Teachers Network

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