How to Register, acquire CPD points and certificate on NTC teacher’s portal.

To test the system, I decided to take part in a CPD workshop organized by one CPD provider called Aims.

They float the advert on the NTC Portal. Only activated Accountants receive these kind of adverts. Some people received sms, others received email alerts.

Terms and conditions of the training workshop was visible on the portal. The credit hours, the points, the mode, the objective of the program and others.

This particular workshop was held virtually on zoom. Three credit hours, thus three hours of straight and meaningful Engagement for 2 CPD points. At a cost of 30gh.

During the registration process, additional details and guidelines were given to be followed specifically for smooth process. But as usual, people were doing their own things.

Example: provide valid email, effect payment preferably with your own momo account and submit the transaction ID for validation. Google forms were spelling out the category of participants should complete which.

Yes, there are various categories of teachers taking part in the lesson. License and unlicenced teachers. This was for the purpose of the award of points and certificates.

Those who have their Licenses and or have their accounts activated received the system generated certificate and points on their NTC Portal. Those who have their accounts pending received their certificates through email without points.

When those pending accounts are finally activated, the certificates would be uploaded to the platform for the points to be awarded.

All certificates bears the logo of NTC and has unique verifiable QR code. If you upload a fake certificate, during portfolio assessment, you will me made out.

CPD providers are expected to keep a database of participants and be on standby to give attestation that you indeed took part in the said training workshop.

In the case of virtual mode, the sessions may be recorded for evidence sake. For face to face, pictures can be taken or attendance register is kept which every participant is expected to append his or her signature.

So, now that I have my certificate, I need to record it in my NTC TEACHER TRAINING LOG BOOK. Every teacher is supposed to keep one.

The log book is a summary of all the training you have received, dates, providers and other vital details. Keeping this document is part of the portfolio building.

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Teachers who are yet to register on the NTC teacher’s portal should visit


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