I am convinced that our failed Education system was deliberately created_Hon Jerry Akporhor

The bogus Education system we have is deliberately created for whatever reason I don’t know.

Not until we get serious with our Education, we should forget about getting quality learning outcomes.

When USAID sponsored the EARLY GRADE LEARNING PROGRAM in 100 districts,
_ they trained teachers rigorously every term for the entire time.
_ they attached texbooks, workbooks, teacher’s guides, and take-home books.
_ the implementation was done in sequence successively year by year.
_ they have a baseline for assessment to monitor progress.
They religiously assessed teachers, students, teaching materials and continuously revised the methods and materials to meet the needs of the learners.
_ they have a database, a real-time dashboard for assessment records and analysis. A system that brings competition and motivates teachers and their immediate supervisors alike.
_ directors, training officers and circuit supervisors became more active at their work because they were given clear directions, adequately tooled and motivated.
_ teachers were implementing wholeheartedly because they were constantly trained, motivated, resourced, monitored, mentored and above all, the achievements of the Learners within this three years was satisfying.
_they came prepared for serious Education business. They know what they were about.

Parents were giving testimonies, some withdrawing their wards from Private schools and sending them to public schools to enjoy this program.

Teachers were giving testimonies.

Children were motivated to learn because they can read.

I can say with all confidence that, students who underwent this program for the three years are better off when it comes to reading and reasoning than those preparing to write BECE now if not the free SHS WASCE candidates. I mean no disrespect.

This program was a pilot program. The intention was to adopt it fully for all schools across the country when it proves worthy enough.

By Basic three, majority of the learners can read or are very familiar with the dynamics of reading.

Only God can tell why this program was not continued when we can all see it was solving our major problem which is reading.

I am tempted to believe that the bogus Education system as we currently have it, is a grand scheme deliberately created to cripple the poor masses intellectually for a reason.

✍️Hon Jerry Akporhor – Lead Educator and CEO of Informed Teachers Network

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