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Licensing of pre-service teachers

1. According to the Ghana Teacher licencing (GTL) policy, pre-service teachers are required to register and write Ghana Teacher Licensing Examination (GTLE) to acquire provisional License. Additionally, they are to create account on NTC teachers portal. This provisional License will later be replaced with the main License after they have gone through induction and portfolio Assessment.

The License number is now a requirement for employment into Ghana Education service. The same is national service certificate.

Teachers who were employed after September 2018, Just like the pre-service teachers, are also expected to write the GTLE and the same time create an account on the NTC teacher’s portal.

2. Licencing of Professional in-service teachers.

All Professional in-service teachers, including those in private schools, are expected to create an account on NTC teacher’s portal with their active phone number and email, upload necessary documents until their account status is 100% in order to receive their License.

Non professional teachers are also required to create account on the NTC teacher’s portal in anticipation for their License. They are however advised to upgrade themselves to a professional status within the shortest possible time.

3. Pending Accounts on the NTC Portal

Many teachers have created the accounts and uploaded all the necessary documents as required and their account status are rated 100% for a long time now but have their accounts pending and awaiting activation. Many are also worried why it is taking too long for their accounts to be activated.

It can be frustrating but truth is, some teachers are randomly having their accounts being activated. It is not yet clear what those teachers have done differently or what NTC is looking at before doing the random activation but as long as your account is 100% rated, your work is done.

Teachers are advised to keep checking their portals from time to time to ensure that the account is still standing bat 100% because NTC is continuously updating the requirements. Some of the updates reduces your rating.

Note that, when your account is less than 100%, there’s no way your License number will come. All things being equal, the License number will be sent via SMS and email if you achieve the 100%.

Be rest assured that, if your account is 100% and the licence team is coming to your Region, your account will surely be activated. They can’t issue License without first activating your account.

4. What happens after account is activated?

When your account is activated, you will see your License number appearing on your dashboard. The same number which was sent to you via SMS and email displayed on the portal.

You will also begin to see adverts of pending CPD workshops from various CPD providers with their allocated points they carry, the amount and the mode of learning.

If you ever partake in any workshop, you will  see the points you have accumulated so far and the ones remaining before renewal of License as well as the year your License will expire.

5. How do you register for a workshop?

On your activated portal, you can register to attend advertised workshops. you will also received some of the adverts via SMS and email. Some of the workshops will be held virtually, others will be face to face. You decide to attend which one meets your needs. You’ve got to be really selective.


The platform is designed in a way to mark participants of a particular workshop present or absent. This can as well be done manually from the backend of the CPD providers admin panel.

If the system marks you present for a workshop, it automatically generates the allocated points which is then added to your points- visible on your portal.

NB: If your account is pending, you can’t be awarded points.

The platform is as well designed to generate and award system generated certificates

NB: If your account is not activated, you can’t receive system generated certificates.

Therefore, if you are a Licensed teacher, who registered and took part in any workshop but have not received your points and certificate, it’s highly likely that the system marked you absent.

All certificates have codes that are verifiable by NTC therefore.  Always make sure to follow due process, so that in the future you won’t have issues with authentication when required.

All CPD providers have a database of participants of their workshops. They can be called upon to produce attestation. Any form of forgery will be unearthed during portfolio compilation.

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✍️Hon Jerry Akporhor – Lead Educator – ITN

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