JHS curriculum Implementation and the common core problems


1. The new JHS curriculum is designed to run for four years thus from JHS1 to SHS1. It is designed to equip the next generation with some critical core competencies that is needed for the socio-economic transformation of the nation.

We have not yet found solution to barriers hindering student’s transition from JHS To SHS but we designed a curriculum which has one leg in JHS and the other in SHS.

Making Senior high schools free may have removed some barriers but that not withstanding, not everyone can attend or would like to attend for various reasons.

So, the question is, what then happens to the acquisition of the rest of the core competencies they are supposed to acquire in SHS1?

2. We all know that, for smooth and effective implementation, teachers are to be trained on how to implement the new curriculum.

Unfortunately, the training which was supposed to be held before the begining of the academic calendar has been postponed twice ever since. And till now, nobody knows when teachers would receive such training.

3. We were told that lack of training before the inception of the academic year as well as the ten months long Covid19 induced school closure has necessitated GES to instruct that the first 8weeks of the semester be used to recover learning loses.

This, everyone thought GES was buying some time in order to organize the training as well as get materials ready for full implementation. But, we were wrong. Perhaps, they weren’t even thinking of that.

4. In an attempt to recover learning loses, we ended up creating more Learning loses. By going back in time to teach what we thought the children should have learnt in the previous grade, we lost two months/half of a semester of the time we should spend implementing the new Common core curriculum.

5.  Truth be told, the 8weeks was nothing good to write home about. Instead of being a productive recovery period, it rather turned out to be a period of total confusion.

In most or some schools I visited, no effective teaching and learning was ongoing especially in JHS1 classes.

6. The now JHS1 students were promoted from Basic 6 where they started experiencing the standards based curriculum and their new teachers in JHS have to go back and pick basic 6 curriculum for the learning recovery.

Sadly, they have not been trained on how to use tthis curriculum. How then do they do the learning recovery?

7. To make matters worse, when the nightmare of 8weeks of recovery lessons wer over, and they were asked to go on midterm, they thought the midterm period would have been used to train them but this wasn’t the case.

GES has also not been able to come out to tell teachers which curriculum they should teach from. Teachers were not trained on the new Common core curriculum for JHS and copies have not been provided either.

8. Teachers are confused. Everyone is doing what they feel is good to keep the students busy. while some schools are sticking to the old curriculum, others have downloaded samples of the new curriculum from the internet and are deceiving themselves and the children with it.

GES is fully aware but because they are more confused, they chose to be quiet.  The other day, they were in one of the districts distributing resource pack to JHS teachers and students. Only God knows what that means.

9. It is also apparent that, the CCP will be implemented in all grades at the same time just as they rolled out the KG to B6 Standard Based Curriculum. No snowballing.

One other concern is that, there are new subjects introduced. Our senior high schools don’t have special teachers for these subjects and GES is quiet. Should the children go there before we start thinking of what to do?

If you ask me, I will suggest that,

1. The implementation should be postponed to next academic year.

2. We should consider making JHS Education four years so that the CCP can be fully covered by every student.

3. Teachers should be allowed to teach from the old syllabus in the interim.

4. GES should expedite actions to train teachers. This should be treated with all seriousness.

Read We are squeezing water out of stone to make your policies work_ Elvis Jones Addo to Akuffo Addo.

5. The necessary teaching and learning logistics should be made ready for effective training and implementation.

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Hon Jerry Akporhor- Lead Educator @ Informed Teachers Network (ITN)

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