2023 Scholarship Application – Wells Mountain Initiative

The Wells Mountain Initiative is a scholarship program directed towards providing financial assistance to students from developing countries who are willing to attend university in their countries and will live and work in their own country after graduating.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship program includes

The applicant must be or is under 35 years old by March 2023

  • Is willing to study and work in their own country
  •  Will be offering a course which will benefit his/her community after graduating
  • Has exhibited their sense of giveback to the community
  •  May have some funds available for their education but will need more financial assistance to pursue a tertiary degree

To be considered for the following academic year, applications must be received by March 1 of each year. WMI Scholars are chosen via an extensive multi-step assessment procedure. On August 1, the WMI Scholars will be notified by email. Their names will also be posted on the WMI Facebook page and on the homepage of our website. Those who did not make the cut will be notified after August 1.

*WMI Scholarships are not available to students wanting to study in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or Western Europe.

Tips for Becoming a Competitive Applicant.

  • Here are some recommendations to help you improve your application:
  • Keep track of all of your volunteer work (dates, activities, time spent, photographs, etc.)
  • To evaluate your findings, gather your high school transcript, national test results, and grading keys.
  • Request two official letters of recommendation from two people who know you professionally or personally and can explain why you deserve this scholarship.
  • Translate all of your documents into English.


Click on the link below to apply and learn more about the Wells Mountain Initiative


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