Management of Bagabaga college wickedly withholds Trainees’ results despite scheduled resit.

SAD NEWS: Management of Bagabaga college wickedly withholds Trainees’ results despite scheduled resit.

Reports reaching InformedTeachersNetwork(ITN) indicates that some Level 400 students of BagaBaga College of Education in the Northern Region, Tamale, who are currently doing their internship programme (teaching practice) have not yet seen the collour of their level 300 second semester results.

Management of the school has withheld their level 300 second semester results despite the fact that there is a pending resit which has been scheduled for 29th November, 2021,

These mentees of Bagabaga college do not know who has a referral to write and who does not.

A general list from UCC the university to which the college was affiliated made it clear that some of the students of the named college have referrals in some of the courses.

Here is the case, they have been denied access to their results.

They  don’t know who is to resit let alone the courses they are to prepare to resit

This draconian actions are as a result of student’s inability to pay their level 400 school fees. Students are however expected to pay in full  their level 400 fees before having access to their level 300 results. Meanwhile, the students have paid their level 300 fees in full.

“We are not owning any fees of that semester, yet we can’t see our results”. The students lament

The teacher trainees are currently in distress in the wake of this entrenched position of the college management:

All plees by the students, the student’s leadership and some concerned tutors for management to rescind on its decision fell on death ears.

The trainees are currently battling with out programme challenges
-renting of places to stay, feeding, project work, T & T and to top it up, government has failed to honor payment of Trainees’ Allowance for the past 9 months.

Instead of management to put pressure on government to do the needful, they turned blind eye on these and are bearing teeth against the vulnerable Trainees’.

The students are calling on all stakeholders to as a matter of urgency intervene for them?

They are also threatening to take matters into their own hands is nothing is done quickly.

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