NIA Opens Three New Premium Registration Centres for Ghana Card Services


The National Identification Authority (NIA) has announced that it will be opening three new premium registration centres in the Ashanti, Eastern, and Western regions of Ghana.

These centres will offer fee-based services including first-time registration and issuance of a Ghana Card for GHc 280, replacement of lost or damaged cards for GHc 110, and updates to personal records that require the printing of a new card for GHc 110.

The premium centres will also offer update services such as name and nationality changes, correction of gender and date of birth, and changes to height. Payment for these services must be made through CalBank Mobile Banking or the CalBank Online Mobile App, or at a CalBank branch office. Cash payments will not be accepted.

The premium centres will offer walk-in services until January 3, 2023, after which they will only be available through online booking.


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18th December 2022

The National Identification Authority (NIA) announces for the information of the general public that effective Monday, 19th December 2022, it will offer premium registration services at its Ashanti, Eastern, and Western Regional offices. These centres will operate in addition to the premium centres at the NIA Head Office and Calbank Head Office in Accra.


The premium registration centres will offer the following fee-based registration services. 1. First-time registration and issuance of a Ghana Card-Ghc 280;


2. Replacement of lost, missing, or damaged cards-Ghe 110;


3. Update of a personal record that requires the printing of a new card-Ghc 110.


Below is a list of update services that attract a fee:

a. Change or correction of applicant’s name

b. Change or correction of the order of applicant’s names

c. Correction or addition of applicant’s previous name or maiden name; d. Correction of applicant’s date of birth;

e. Change or correction of applicants nationality;

f. Correction of applicant’s gender,

g. Change or correction of applicant’s height.

Applicants requesting premium services should also note the following:


1. Requests that have already been approved, and for which payments have been made will not attract any additional fee;

2. Requests not yet approved, or approved but not yet paid for, will be treated as fresh applications. Such requests will attract a fee of GHC110; 3. The premium services will be based on an online booking system and walk-in system up to 3 January 2023.

Beginning 4 January 2023, NIA premium centres will operate only an online booking system;

4. Payment of fees for all premium services must be made with either of the following:

a. CalBank Mobile Banking Platform with short code “771#; or b. CalBank Online Mobile App

Alternatively, payment for the above services may be made at a CalBank Branch Office.

5. NIA cannot accept cash payments for any of its update or card replacement services at any of its Regional Offices.


Applicants must note that not every request for an update of personal record or card replacement can be handled on the same day, Review and approval of requests for the update of a personal record or card replacement may take longer thana day.



Dr. Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu

Ag. Head, Corporate Affairs

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