NTC Announces Quarterly Online Dialogue Series for Public Engagement

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has announced the launch of its Quarterly Online Dialogue Series (ODS), a platform aimed at addressing questions and concerns from the general public about the council’s operations.


The NTC ODS will provide an opportunity for individuals especially teachers to engage with the council’s staff and have their questions and concerns answered in real-time. The series is expected to run every quarter, with each session providing the public with in-depth information about the council’s operations and its role in the education sector.


According to the NTC, the initiative is aimed at improving transparency and accountability within the council and promoting public participation in its activities. The ODS is also intended to provide a platform for the public to express their opinions and make recommendations for the council’s future operations.


The NTC has urged all interested individuals and stakeholders to participate in the upcoming session and share their questions and concerns with the council. The session will be held online, providing a convenient and accessible platform for participants from across the country to join from the comfort of their home.


In a statement, the NTC encouraged members of the public to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ODS, stating that the council values their input and is committed to ensuring their voices are heard.


The NTC ODS is a commendable initiative, aimed at promoting transparency, accountability, and public participation in the council’s operations. The public is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to engage with the council and have their questions and concerns addressed.


Stay tuned for further updates on the NTC ODS, as the council continues to serve the education sector and provide a platform for public engagement. #NTC_ODS


Source; Informed Teachers Network


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