Only lazy and uninformed teachers will reject the idea of point building for license renewal_ Hon Jerry Akporhor

I know a lot of colleagues will not like the sound of this but I have to say it anyway. The things required of us to do to build the points are not outside our job description. They are the very things we have been trained employed and mandated to do as teachers. We write lesson notes, we train children for sports, we take our students on excursion, we attend workshops_ Sometimes we pay, sometimes we don’t pay, we engage in culture activities, we organize quizzes for our students, we invigilate and mark external Exams, we assess our learners and use the results to improve teaching and learning, we read certain things somewhere be it online or wherever and we use the knowledge to help our learners, we go for further studies,

Previously, we do not keep records of some of these activities anywhere. Now, NTC is interested in all these. They have created an online database. When you do these activities, get evidence and submit them to this platform for points. That’s all. How easy that?

Some teachers are rejecting this idea because they have not fully understand how the concept is going to work. Their’s is understandable somehow because it’s new and the enlightenment has not come to them yet. Perhaps, when the get to understand, they will embrace it.

But some to be frank with you, some of our colleagues are just lazy. They don’t involve themselves in anything in the school apart from what happens in their classroom. They know that this point building something is now going to push them to participate actively in those activities. That’s what they are against it. That’s the plain truth. I don’t regret saying this.

Hon Jerry Akporhor_ Lead Educator @ Informed Teachers Network. Independent Thinker.

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