Organize free compulsory computer litreracy training for our older teachers

A Concerned Facilitator; George Selikem Kwablavi McKoby Blessed-Kawor is calling on GES as a matter of urgency to organize in-service training for older teachers.

According to him, this is a new era in our education and there is virtually a new way of doing everything and as such, teachers cannot remain in the past.

We are in an era we call ” the computer era”, simply to refer to the fact that we’re in the technological era.

Relating to Education, this is the era of battle of technology and how to manipulate it effectively to facilitate teaching and learning. It’s a new era, yes it is!

My problem however, is with the older folks (those born before computers- BBC). Most older teachers in the Education fraternity, have or better still, are refusing to evolve with time.

They are comfortable being in the stone age while the world speeds away. They still stick to the old ways of doing things and are just not ready to change. They’re so fixated.

When you here them say ” I’m BBC” know that their minds are made up and are not ready to metarmophosize into the new era they’re in.

I beg to differ on that very fact. Computers were invented way before they were born. Unless they want to tell me they were born before 1800s. Lol!! Yes the 1800s!! But that’s not my issue for today.

My problem with these older folks is that, when there’s anything at all to be done using the computer or phone, then the youngest on staff should be ready to be at the stress receiving end. Even the most basic tasks.

They’ll pile all they’re supposed to do on the younger teachers. The funny thing is that, it comes with no motivation as too.

This is not about me but about that which is happening in our schools.  Even if you try to organize computer literacy programmes for them. most of them will not pay a single attention. They only see such opportunities as you advertising your potency. You won’t finish before they start coming back.

These same old people when you try to do something new or enlighten them on new developments in the profession, they will ask you, “when did you join the service?”.

Funny! Isn’t it? I’m sure you laughed but that’s ironically the truth.

Is there a way forward? Sure there must be a way!!!

1. The GES should organize a free compulsory computer literacy for all it’s staff, assess and ensure they improve significantly and are certified.

If you fail, you try again until you have a relatively ok amount of skills to do most of the basic things on your own before certification.

Digital literacy is one of the core competencies the new curriculum seeks to develop in all learners. If a section of the teachers are averse to this change, how then do they impact this knowledge?

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Concerned Facilitator;
George Selikem Kwablavi McKoby Blessed-Kawor- Informed Teachers Network

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