PLC alone can give you all the points you need to renew your license, take it seriously_ Hon Jerry Akporhor


DEVELOPPMENT, teachers are expected to build from 70 to 100 points within a three years CPD cycle to enable them renew their professional License.

There are various CPD activities suggested and approved be NTC for the award of points. One of such important activities is the novel PLC (professional learning communities). It is a Category A activity which carries one point.

What is PLC?
PLC is a group of educators and other stakeholders who meet regularly to share expertise knowledge, skills and experience for the improvement in lesson delivery,assessment and academic performance of learners.

It is a a collegial group of Administrators and School Staff who are united in their commitment to Learners’ learning.

“As an organizational arrangement, the professional learning community is seen
as a powerful staff-development approach and a potent strategy for school
change and improvement”.
– (Hord 1997b)

They function as an effective strategy for building school capacity around core issues of teaching and learning (Darling-Hammond, 1995).

They can serve as a mechanism to transform school culture.
In other words, PLCs connect teachers with information, strategies and best practices.

As part of the curriculum reform, PLC meetings are supposed to be help ones every week, specifically on Wednesdays, the last one hour before closing. Students close while teachers stay behind and learn.

Every term has an average of 12 weeks. Subtract two weeks for examination. All things being equal, you have ten weeks to conduct PLC for a term. That makes it 30 PLCs for one academic year and for that matter, 30 points. You can easily get a whopping 90 points in three years.

But remember, in as much as this sounds good, you need both demand driven and supply driven activities to renew your license. You still have to attend external workshops and engage in other activities.

Hope this information is useful? Let us know in the comments section.

Hon Jerry Akporhor_ Lead Educator @ Informed Teachers Network.

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