Teachers licensing law was signed by President Kufuor in 2009_ Kofi Asare

In a Facebook post sited by Informed Teachers Network on 25 may 2021, the CEO of Africa Education Watch, a vibrant Education policy think thank, confesses his satisfaction with the commencement of the teacher License registration process- A decentralization and professionalization policy he provided consultation on.

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“Happy to learn Teacher license Registration has commenced. This is a very important milestone on the journey to professionalize teaching.

President Kufuor signed the law on 6th January, 2009, and eventhough has taken much longer than anticipated to fully operationalize, synonymous with Ghanaian laws, it is heart warming to witness Teacher Licence Registration commence today.

Between 2010 and 2012, i worked as consultant on the Ghana Eduction Decentralization Project (WUSC-USAID) which was tasked to develop the institutional and operational frameworks for setting up the National Teaching Council (NTC), the National Inspectorate Board (now NaSIA) and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), the three Autonomous Bodies that were introduced to regulate standards in the envisioned decentralized education system.

Though we delivered, it was never childs play building consensus as some interest groups opposed the whole idea of a decentralized education framework, especially where these functions were being done in a way by the GES Teacher Education, CRDD and Inspectorate Division; but since one could not self-regulate, they had to be ceeded to an external agency within an autonomous regulatory framework.

Christian Addai-poku, congrats to your team.”

On May 19th, The National Teaching Council duly launched and begun the registration of the Ghana Teacher Licensing in the Greater Accra Region. All teachers are adviced to visit the site👇🏾 and take note of the schedules.

Schedule for the issuance of license to Qualified Teachers in Greater Accra Region…..

Thank you.

Source: Informed Teachers Network

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