Process For Inter Regional Transfer of Teachers


Bellow are the processes teachers who want to seek Reposting or Transfer from their current region to another is expected to follow.


➤ Secure Assurance.

➤With your assurance letter, apply for reposting at your District Education Office.

► Your District may then issue approval for your reposting as cover letter, which will be forwarded to Region for approval, then full set of documents sent to Director General.

-Director General’s approval letter will be issued and sent to Regional Education Office.

➤ Region will then issue release letter.


Note However That:

1. A teacher seeking re-posting can only be released by Regional and District Offices after the Director-General has approved the application.

2. No aspect of the process of the application for re-posting, issuing of assurance letters, approval of the applications as well as issue of final release and posting letters require payment of any fees.

3. A teacher seeking reposting must meet all the necessary conditions as outlined in GES condition of service.

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