Shocking: Achimota BECE Graduates Paying 1,034gh Clearance Fee Before School Selection; Why? Kofi Asare quizzes.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for public basic school managers to meet financial demands of their schools. Most basic schools bemoan that they are running on zero account as government has failed in it’s obligation to provide enough funds and on time. To keep the schools running, some heads are resulting to other means including the illegal ones to accumulate funds to run affairs.


In a Facebook post, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch shared a clearance form purported to emanate from Achimota “A”  Basic school demanding a whopping 1034gh cedis from Junior High School 3 students who recently finished writing their BECE and a re currently going through the school selection process. According to the post, students are to clear themselves with the said amount before being allowed to go through the selection process.


This development the education advocate finds disturbing and calls on the ministry of education to look into it as a matter of urgency.


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Why is Achimota Basic ‘2’ School charging a JHS 3 student GH 1,034 before clearing them to select their SHS?

How can one owe any form of fees or voluntary PTA dues under a Free Basic Education Policy?

If there are no funds for running basic schools properly, as is the case, why won’t school heads or district directors write to the Ministry of Education GH and Ghana Education Service to complain and demand action, just like PRINCOF and CHASS have been doing?

Should government pay deaf ears, irrespective of the good motive, is still not right for Public Basic School heads to hide behind PTAs to collect compulsory fees for running schools. Parental contributions cannot be obligatory; they are strictly voluntary.

Some parents are genuinely poor, including the one whose ward’s bill is posted here. Even without the current obnoxious economy, it’s unconscionable for a school head to demand GHC 1,034 from a poor petty trader or in lieu, deny the child an opportunity to select a SHS.

Under a Free Basic Education Policy, it is illegal to ask JHS students to pay any amount before being allowed to select their SHS.

Other schools doing same should STOP the exploitation or we drag them to court for contempt of Article 38 (2) of the 1992 constitution.


Achimota Basic School Clearance Form

Ghana Education Service

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