Step by step guide to the issuance of teachers license Card

The National Teaching Council (NTC) began the issuance of license to in-service teachers about a month ago. The exercise commenced in Greater Accra region and now ongoing in the Central region.

The license is to help the Ghanaian teacher build upon his competencies by building his Continuous Professional Development points (CPD). The CPD points is gained by undergoing several in service training programmes organized by GES, other agencies private organizations.

The current exercise will take place in all the sixteen (16) regions in Ghana. Therefore, all teachers who have not received their card yet should relax as the NTC licencing team will eventually get to your region

However, in order to be abreast with what happens at the collection centre, take note of the following information and share to your colleagues as well.

Account Creation

All teachers are expected to create an account on the NTC teacher portal and upload all the necessary documents as earlier circulated. Visit, use a valid and active phone number and email and a strong password you can easily remember to create the account.

Account activation.

When this is done correctly, the account status will be rated 100%. When the licencing team is about to go to a Region, teachers who have their account status rating 100% will be activated.

That not withstanding, some teachers in other regions are randomly having their accounts activated as soon as they reach th 100% rating.

Taking photograph and License card printing.

NTC will send the License number via SMS and email alert which will also be accessible on the NTC portal once you log in.

Teachers who received their License number from the NTC via SMS and email will first proceed to take your photograph, after which the card will be printed out.

Note however that, a teacher who hasn’t received any SMS or email from the NTC will delay until the number comes. The license number is used to retrieve your information from the portal.

Teachers who have not created the tpg account and those who have their accounts rating less than 100% will be required to create and complete their account, wait and receive their License numbers via email or SMS before proceeding. To avoid unnecessary delay, it will be prudent to do it ahead of time.

Filling of NTC form

Teavhers will be required to complete a form after th card is printed. You will be required to write your name, card number, school etc.

The card number is written in the form: NTC 0000000.It can be found at the top at the back of the card.

Biometric verification

Licensed teachers will then move to the next table where biometric details will be taken. Usually fingerprints of your index and middle fingers on both hands.

Collecting the License card

After going through all these successfully, the card will then be given to you with your details on it. The details include; name, SSNIT number, date of issue, registered number (license number) etc.

Ticking your name on the teachers form A

The form A is filled by your head teacher consisting of the names of all professional teachers in the school and verified by the District Director of Education. You will be made to tick to indicate that you have gone through the process successfully.

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