This is how easy it is for teachers to build points for License renewal_ ITN

1. Prepare scheme of learning at the beginning of the term and get a point.

2. Prepare lesson plan for the term and get a point.

3. Attend at least 8 PLC meetings in the term and get a point.

4. Participate in Continuous professional development day (CPDD) and and get a point.

5. Organize quizze for the students and get a point.

6. Participate actively in sports, culture, March pass and get a point.

7. Attend circuit based or Districts cases workshop and get a point.

8. Read a journal and use the knowledge to deliver, get evidence of progress and get a point.

9. Identify a problem in your class, conduct an action research, propose and solution and get a point. This kind of research is simple. Not the bulky type you do for marks. This is straight to the point. Ten pages research paper is enough.

10. Assess your learners, use the outcome of assessment for intervention, if the intervention produces results, come for a point.

These and other things you do, and before you know it, you’ve gotten more than enough points and in effect, developed yourself professionaly.

Theses are not extraordinary things but our daily routine. All it’s requiring from you is to participate actively and get evidence for documentation and portfolio building. That’s all. Very easy.

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