Two Ghanaian Students Excel in Robotics Competition in Texas, USA.

At the 2022 VEX Worlds Robotics Competition in Dallas, Texas, USA, two children from RisingSun Montessori School in Dome, Accra, lifted the Ghanaian flag high.

Jonathan Sam Jr and Nana Adom Ceaser, two students, joined the challenge under the moniker Bounti-Bot GH2.


In Ghana, the kids competed in the engineering section, defeating students from 20 different schools to gain a single ticket to represent Ghana in Dallas.


The competition is fierce.


The tournament, which focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), was recently conducted in Dallas, and the youngsters advanced to the finals.

With teams from over 40 nations and territories, VEX Worlds Robotics Competitions is the world’s largest educational robotics and STEM competition. It also features almost 5,000 teams from all educational levels participating.

Despite not winning the ultimate prize in the finals, the Ghanaian children made Ghana and Africa proud with their performances, winning 15 medals and a certificate of honor.



Patrick Achampong, the Director of RisingSun Montessori School, spoke to the Daily Graphic about the achievement and praised the lads for their efforts.

“Come celebrate these students, their managers, and their coaches with us.” In total, 15 students from Ghana qualified for the tournament in Dallas, but only Nana Adom Ceaser and Jonathan Sam Jr were able to attend owing to visa difficulties.

“The youngsters went to the VEX Robotics Worlds as lads and came back as men.” “We are still proud of Nana Adom Ceaser, even though he is currently at North Hill School,” he said.



Mr. Achampong further stressed that STEM is for everyone and urged parents to encourage their children who are interested in it.

“Let’s get active in our children’s education as parents; in short, STEM is for everyone.” Our squad won all of its games and advanced to the championship round.

“Even though they didn’t win the championship, they showed themselves, which is the most important thing.” “They received 15 medals and an honorary diploma,” he stated.

He congratulated everyone who contributed to the success story in various ways.

Mr Achampong expressed his gratitude to Selina Aboagyewaa Appiah, President of the Bountiful STEM Educational Foundation, the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, and a parent, Emmanuel Ceaser, who stepped in as a self-appointed robotics coach, as well as the schools that partnered with the event and competed in it.

The groundwork

Through its student-focused programs, Bountiful Technologies and Bountiful STEM Educational Foundation have worked with major technology brands since 2013.

Its purpose is to improve the quality and accessibility of STEM education by providing high-quality, accessible, and cheap STEM instructional robotics and computer programming to students across the country and in Africa.

RisingSun Montessori made Ghana proud by winning 15 medals and a certificate of honor at the VEX Worlds 2022 Robotics Competition.

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