UEW Students Demand Immediate Release Of Delayed Certificates and Results

University of Education, Winneba (UEW) students are calling for action regarding the delay in receiving their certificates and results. The students, who started their 2-year program in 2019, are claiming that the university’s incompetence has led to numerous setbacks and delays throughout their education.

The students’ admission process was delayed until July 2020 and many only received text emails instead of actual admission letters. Despite completing coursework in July 2022, the students have been waiting for 8 months to receive their results and transcripts. They claim that they have been unable to register for courses on the university’s portal and have not received their student IDs despite paying for them.

The students are calling for urgency, transparency, and accountability from the university and for the concerned authorities, including the Ministry of Education, to intervene in this matter. They believe that their rights as students have been disregarded and that the delays have cost them opportunities, including promotions, scholarships, and financial assistance.

The students are demanding the immediate release of their results, transcripts, and certificates and an explanation as to why they have been treated in this manner. They vow to not rest until they receive what they have rightfully earned through their hard work and dedication.

The situation at UEW has raised concerns about the administration’s handling of student issues and has sparked calls for immediate action.

Read full statement below;

“PRESS RELEASE 08/02/2023



From admission to graduation, nothing to be proud of as students. In any serious school where the administration cares about it’s students, IT problems have solutions.

We purchased admission forms for 2-year program starting in 2019. However, we experienced delay in issuing admission letters until July 2020.

Even that, a lot of students only received text emails without the actual admmision letters. As at now, some colleagues have completed their course work and awaiting graduation but are yet to received admission letters.

From July 2020 to July 2021, we completed one year of the program amidst struggle.

The second year, from July 2021 to July 2022, was spent completing coursework.

During our second session, the University of Cape Coast started a 3-semester top-up program.

As of now, students of the 3 semester program have been issued their certificates and they can access their results on their school’s portal.

However, we the unfortunate UEW students have to beg for our results to be mentioned to us sometimes in the middle or the end of another semester.

Not even once have we received our results on time. It’s been 8 months since we completed our course work for our last semester but unfortunately, we can’t access our results or transcripts.

We have never been able to register courses on the school’s portal. They collected our fees, yet they claim we were not properly admitted. Who’s job is it to admit us properly?

We paid for student IDs and did medical exams but have not received our IDs? It was by the grace of God that we were even able to get our Index numbers.

Some colleagues who went to campus to request transcripts to apply for further studies, promotions, scholarships and other opportunities were disappointed because it’s not available.

Some colleagues who needed their transcripts during the period of study to apply for financial assistance were also disappointed due to the same so called IT problem.

All these opportunities are slipping away because of the university’s incompetence. What kind of 2-year program lasts from 2019 to 2023 and still counting?

This is unacceptable and a blatant disregard for our rights as students.

We demand immediate action from the University of Education, Winneba to rectify this situation and release our results, transcripts and certificates.

We demand urgency, transparency and accountability from the university, and an explanation as to why we have been treated in this manner.

We call on all concerned authorities, including the Ministry of Education GH, to intervene in this matter and bring an end to this injustice.

They have unfairly treated us from the beginning of this program till now and we will not rest until we have received what we have paid for and what we have rightfully earned through our hard work and dedication.

Concerned awaiting graduates of
University of Education, Winneba

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