We need a NATIONAL conversation on SHS; We can fix it_ NDC National youth organizer

Just like other well meaning Ghanaians, Edem Agbana, the National Youth Organizer for the major opposition party, NDC, took to his Facebook social media account to express his dissatisfaction about the way senior high school are being ran in recent times.

Many have complained and are still complaining about a lot of things that are not going on well in our senior high schools across the country. The congestion in classrooms and dormitories, students sleeping on the floor, the delay in funds for feeding the students, unstable calendar, etc

The NDC youth organizer who is known mostly for speaking his mind, usually mixed with excessive political sentiments can’t remain quiet when this all important National discourse is ongoing. But this time, with a different tone. He appreciates the relevance of free shs in the lives of the ordinary Ghanaians though not introduced by his party and had hopes that, with an honest National dialogue, we can find a lasting solution to the ugly drama currently unfolding before our eyes.

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My kid sister is in SHS, she sits in class with children & grandchildren of some leaders of NPP.

She sits in class with some children, whose parents do not care which party is in power.

They pay their taxes and expect government to provide their wards with quality education.

They are NOT happy about the quality of education they are receiving.

Now more than ever, we need a NATIONAL conversation on SHS.


We cannot allow Petty Politics to destroy the future of our younger brothers and sisters.

I am worried.

Our Education system is collapsing.

Quality Education has been sacrificed for petty political populism.

Source; Informed Teachers Network

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