We need representation on new GES Council – Christian Council and Bishops’ Conference

The Ghana Christian Council (CCG) and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) have expressed their dissatisfaction over their omission from the new Ghana Education Service (GES) Council.

They claim that their presence on the Council is important since they participate actively in decisions and other key concerns concerning the country’s educational progress.

In a joint statement, the presidents of both organizations urged Education Minister Dr Yaw Adutwum to appreciate the responsibilities that CCG and GCBC have played and continue to play in Ghana’s educational growth.

“We would like to draw the Ministry of Education’s attention to the fact that the leadership of the CCG and GCBC are dissatisfied with the move to establish a new Ghana Education Service (GES) Council without representation from the Council and Conference.”

“As a result, we desire to stress that all essential education decisions should be made through consensus building with stakeholders such as Faith Based Organizations,” the statement stated.

Secondary school universal guidelines

The groups’ leaders also revealed that they had received a draft paper outlining recommendations for all secondary schools in the country.

“We desire to clarify categorically that the Faith Based Organizations that play such an important part in Ghanaian education have not been formally notified of any document regarding Secondary School Education in Ghana,” they continued.

They urged the Education Minister to act quickly and sign a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry and the Missions.

“Moreover, we would want to emphasize that no secondary school education guideline should be used in place of the MoU, which was drafted by both the Missions and the Ministry.”


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