YEA’s Foundation Hosts Successful Maiden Book Reading Challenge in Ayikuma Community

On Tuesday, December 13th, 2022, the Yaadoma Ethel Abra (YEA) Foundation hosted their maiden Book Reading Challenge in collaboration with the Sharing Education Community Learning Center -Ghana in the Ayikuma community of Dodowa-Accra.

The event, which aimed to inspire young learners in the community to cultivate a love for reading, saw participation from 7 schools and a total of 19 contestants.


The Book Reading Challenge was a resounding success, with support from sponsors including The Kay&Kob Foundation, Xcalibur_Photography, TRuth Bookstore-Mivhael Tetteh, Adasa Online, and Gh Dance Ministers.

The foundation also received assistance from volunteers who helped make the day a memorable one for the students and their families.


Ethel Ashong-nuga, the Executive Director of the YEA Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the support received and her excitement for the positive impact the Book Reading Challenge had on the students.

“It was an insightful one from the reading to giving of prizes and the joy that was birthed in the kids for reading,” she said. “We hope to have more of these in other communities and count on each person’s support to make it work.”


The YEA Foundation aims to help students in the Ayikuma community take their academics seriously and spark their interest in reading. The Book Reading Challenge was the first program organized by the foundation, and it is clear that it was a success.

The foundation hopes to continue organizing similar events and making a positive impact in the community through the power of education and reading.

In a related news

Noble Selorm Dzre Participates in YEA Foundation’s Maiden Book Reading Challenge


Noble Selorm Dzre, a data analyst, educator, and graphic designer, participated in the YEA Foundation’s Maiden Book Reading Challenge on December 13, 2022. The challenge was organized by Ethel Ashong-nuga, the Executive Director of the YEA Foundation, and was held in the Shai Osudoku District.


The event was designed to inspire young learners to cultivate the habit of reading and was attended by students from the community. Dzre, who is also a junior mentor at the Databank Foundation and a CPD & Membership Associate at the Ghana Society for Education Technologies, was invited to participate as a judge.


He spoke about the impact that his own first competition had on his life and encouraged the participants and student audience to take something significant from the program.


Read the original post below as published on his Facebook handle


YEA’s Maiden Book Reading Challenge- December 13, 2022


What started as a conversation with my good friend and former colleague over lunch at work is now history. She wanted to organize an educative programme for the students in her community, one thing led to the other. She pulled through…


In response to an honorary invitation as a judge, I joined the Executive Director of the YEA Foundation, Ethel Ashong-nuga , at Ayikuma in the Shai Osudoku District for their maiden Book Reading Challenge. An initiative to inspire young learners in her community to cultivate the habit of reading.


Happy to have been a part of this impactful initiative. I still recall my first competition in JHS. I know how it impacted my life and the role it played in motivating me to want to learn more to achieve more. I’m sure the participants and student audience took something significant from the programme.


A little step, a little impact, a little sacrifice, makes the world a better place. Keep leading, @Ethel.”

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