Back on campus in Teacher’sTraining College, I was in love with one brilliant and exceptional guy. It all started when he drew closer to me because he was my school mum’s bosom friend. He was introduced to me as my school dad.

I must admit, within few minutes of interactions, I admired his intelligence so much that it made me fall flat like an insect sucking nectar. It was love at first sight.

The serene atmosphere in my heart and the gravity that pulls me back from telling him I admire him can never be described.

Thats not all. Something else was messing up my mind. From how things are looking between my school mum and dad, it was like my school mum and dad were dating, as if they weren’t dating. I can’t really tell yet I don’t have the courage to ask too.

We used to attend this prayer meetings every evening organised by CTF -a Christian non-denominational group on campus. During one of the CTF meetings, we were asked to open our hearts out and make our requests known to our maker.

Come and see “madam in love” was seriously praying for her school mother to leave the school father so he can start looking at her small small.

My goodness! Do you know love can make people crazy including praying crazy prayer topics? In fact, I kabee and kaboo until I felt sweats in my pants.

Eiiiiii, an innocent lady who is secretly in love and doing crazy things just to catch the attention of her school dad!

This won’t sound good in the ears of even Satan, not to even talk about how it will sound in his gas-filled stomach to make a noisy and spicy flatulence. This might sound like pure abomination but the burning desire to have him all to myself has nullified any moral value that could prick my conscience.

After the CTF prayer meeting, I was cozily daydreaming when my phone rang.

Only the Gbanya tree i was sitting under knew how I nearly fled like David wanting to escape Potiphars’ wife.

I grabbed my phone only to see that it was not a dream come true. Ah my “in” but how for do?

Still holding my phone contemplating on whether to answer it or not, I felt a rough palm from behind and around my neck with a heroic voice whispering a title “sweetheart”.

My heart almost skipped a beat, it started dancing to the echo of the voicein my head, and stopped suddenly. I looked back incidentally and saw the figure behind me.

I collapsed (total blackout and unconscious) at the site of the figure like how Aisha did in the forest the first time Mohammed romantically called her “Aish….”

Guess who the caller was and guess who the figure I saw was.

Hmm, my school mum was the caller, and my school dad was the figure. What a coincidence?

I woke up at the hospital with my school dad beside me, hands on my arms and praying fervently, “Oh Lord, whatever it is, don’t let her die. I love her so much, let her wake up for me to confess my love to her.” He prayed

You know what, at this point I was very much conscious and hearing every single thing he was saying. Yet, I closed my eyes and was just blushing in his uninterrupted overflowing love prayer cum confession.

His touch, his romantic voice, his purest confession of love, and more made me remember some lines in a Westlife song, “Dreams come true.”

Imagine how happy I was. It was soul soothing. My school mum came back with some roses and a ring he sent her to buy.

While still closing my eyes, I overheard her whispering something. I couldn’t catch it clearly so the curiosity in me told me to turn and open my eyes small and look at her. Maybe I can read her lips and body language to get what she was saying.

I forgot this was going to catch attention. I turned small p3. Eiiii my people, come and see the way my freshest nigga jumped to land a kiss on my forehead 😏😏😏😏.

He knelt down with both hands in the air to thank God and quickly run off to call the nurses on duty. They came to do some physical examinations and checked my vitals. They monitored me for a while and latter cleared me for discharge.

My school mum drew closer and asked me what happened? How on earth can I tell her the truth? Nobody does that. I told her nothing, but she smiled and handed me my diary.

Oh gosh, so they saw everything? I told them both how sorry I was. To my surprise, my school dad knelt down right there before the hospital bed and proposed love to me. They both told me how hard it was to let me know how much he loves me. There I felt relieved and also told them my part of the story.

This is how our love story began. I was in level three hundred when he proposed marriage to me. I accepted, and we got married. We are living happily together, and God almighty has blessed our Union.


Author : Lawrencia Totimeh

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