About Informed Teachers Network- ITN

About Informed Teachers Network

Informed Teachers Network-ITN

 Informed Teachers Network (ITN)

ITN is a forum for teachers and students to freely discuss issues of concern in the educational sector. It seeks to contribute to students learning outcomes and professionalism of teachers by creating an environment where the members can share their ideas, experiences and knowledge freely.
We believe in a world where every teacher and student have the opportunity to be successful in their endeavors and is on the path to prosperity.


Bringing teachers and students together on a common platform to share education related news and information, improve learning outcomes, engage in advocacy and provide guidance .


ITN started as a random Facebook page created by Sir J on February, 25 2016, when he started his profession as a Basic School Teacher. The name was latter changed to Hon Jerry Akporhor on 25th July, 2016. It was used to share the random jokes, poems opinion articles and stories Jerry wrote about his experiences teaching—and life in general.

After years of experience, he has a wealth of teaching and learning stories to tell and articles especially about serving in deprived villages in Ghana. The stories, emotions and fun of the lessons resonated with colleague teachers, parents of students—and many others.

This gave direction as to what kind of content followers, mostly teachers and students, are interested in. Therefore it became necessary to change the name of the platform to fit its purpose so that more people would be drawn  to it.

Then Informed Teachers Network was born on the 13th of October, 2020 , and in a very short time, it gained thousands of followers. The network currently have about 50k following.  The network now has its own official  logo, YouTube channel, website, WhatsApp group and Facebook community.

People who make up the Informed Teachers Network:

Founded by Jerry Akporhor and his brother Ebenezer, the International Teachers Network connects Educators worldwide. It is basically made up of teachers, students and other educational workers who are interested in education and learning.

We call ourselves Educators because we go beyond teaching a strict curriculum to performing coaching and mentoring roles. We contribute to the overall development of our learners by providing them with guidance in areas such as discipline and character-building skills.


What makes Informed Teachers Network unique?

We believe in the power of knowledge and it’s ability to transform lives.
Advocacy from the network has helped draw attention to sensitive concerns about students and teachers’ welfare, leading various stakeholders to take action.

We continue tp improve every aspect of the community constantly according to the changing demands and needs of the members and time. The ultimate goal is to build an Informed Society.



1.Educate students, and play a pivotal role in their character development and shaping of their reputation, honor, and integrity.

2. Examine lesson plans and current instructional techniques

3. Identify any weaknesses in the lessons or teaching styles.

4. Work together with a group of educators who value education as much as we do to give our students the finest learning environment possible.

5. Assess students’ development and assist them reach their full potential.

6. Lay out strategies to meet students’ diverse developmental needs

7. Follow the academic progress of our students

8. Assist and mentor other educators in the classroom.

9. Consult with parents to talk through the needs and objectives of our pupils.

10. Collaborate with major stakeholders and create a mindset, with an affinity for problem-solving.


Features: Two Cock (Koklotsu) merged with a Growing Plant on an Open Book.

1. Open book representing quest for knowledge and information,
2. Growing plant representing growth as a result of increase in knowledge,
3. The two fighting cock represent respect for divergent views.


Informed Teachers Network
Informed Teachers Network logo
Hon Jerry Akporhor
Hon. Jerry Akporhor ||Teacher|| Educator|| Counsellor|| Mental Health Advocate || Lead Eduator @ Informed Teachers Network||


ITN Lead Educator
Akporhor Ebenezer||Teacher||Educator||Graphics Designer||IT Consultant||Co Founder & Lead Educator @ ITN



Mlagada Promise||Teacher||Educator||Curriculum Lead||Sports Enthusiast||Lead Educator @ ITN


George Selikem Kawor||Teacher || Educator || Crypto enthusiast || Lead Educator @ ITN ||


Ananne Frimpong Wilberforce||Teacher||Educator||Researcher||Lead Educator @ ITN

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