GNAT members send strong message ahead of 53rd National Delegates’ Conference

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We, the undersigned teachers in our capacity as members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), write to put on record the following concerns as we begin our 6th Quardrennial [53rd] National Delegates’ Conference of GNAT today;

The Delegates should take keen interest in the topics adopted for discussion because each of them represents 500 members of our Union and as such must be interested in the welfare of the 500 members he/she represents and not his or her parochial interest only.

More importantly, any decision taken at the Delegates Conference will be affecting every member of the Union for the next 4 years.

Delegates should make it a sacred duty to vote for aspirants to lead the Union based on competencies and track records and not the case of the highest bidders given the nod to lead the Union.

We need leadership that will stand up for the rights of teachers because, we are the pillars of nation-building process helping to influence the next generation to become morally responsible, and productive members of our community.

We are the country’s gatekeepers, opening doors to opportunities and possibilities that are beyond the foreseeable horizon. We therefore, deserve better.

To the aspirants, we wish them the best of luck in the campaign processes but they should not hesitate to step down from the race even at the last hour knowing very well they are in there to serve their parochial interests. This is because, we will not give our next crop of Union leaders rest and those who want the positions just for “chop chop” and driving V8 around would regret contesting.

To the entire membership of GNAT, there are some colleagues who are planning to leave the Union to join others, we will want to plead with them to rescind that decision as we all fight for the right things to be done for every teacher to be at peace within the Union.

Members should be more interested in the activities of the Union moving forward so as to bring views on board toward making it more attractive and by equally holding our leadership accountable right from the locals to national.

To our outgoing national executives we must admit that we are not happy due to several issues unattended to and some wrong decisions taken especially concerning the “One Teacher, One Laptop” initiative knowing very well it is the duty of the employer to provide working tools for employees but you went into an agreement for your members to pay a percentage which shouldn’t have been the case.

But, we must thank and congratulate you all for some great achievements chalked. Please, accept our heartfelt gratitude for all the positive things.

It is also on record that some past national executives of the Union are still hijacking the affairs of the Union and please we do not want that to be the story in your case because we will not take it kindly when we get to know.

Ensure equal playing field for all the aspirants and those of you supporting some of them should desist from that.

To our incoming national executives; we expect alot from you as follows;

Making sure that the over Fourty-Five Thousand (45,000) GNAT members still owed legacy arrears are paid their monies by government before 2022 ends. Don’t request from them to submit their records again because that data is already with the outgoing executives and government. The teachers have worked for the money and they should be paid.

Teachers Fund should reduce interest rates on loans and also expand the piloting of reducing the loan processing period to cover other districts.

GNAT/CTF programs should be seriously expanded to cover more teachers.

GNAT Housing Scheme should be reintroduced to take care of the housing needs of members.

Working with stakeholders of the Union toward expanding our Electoral College when it comes to voting within the Union.

Collaborating with the Ghana Education Service to ensure that such legitimate entitlements such as responsibility allowance, vehicle maintenance allowance, transfer grants, the legacy arrears, and all others, are paid promptly.

Collaborating with the Ghana Education Service to making sure results of Aptitude Tests written by teachers are handled professionally reflecting outcomes and not things based on quota systems etc.

Junior Ranks thus (2015/2016)batches are placed on their deserved ranks because these teachers are very worried and it is very bad treatment given to them.

Collaborating with GES and NaCCA to expedite action on the provision of textbooks and all other logistics needed by schools to enhance the smooth implementation of the Standard-Based Curriculum.

It is equally sad those at JHS have not been trained on the Standard-Based Curriculum.

Ensuring that the Ghana Education Service provides accommodation for teachers in undeserved communities.

Collaborating with GES and Ministry of Finance to make sure the Professional Development Allowance is paid on monthly basis and no longer every November since we need money to attend workshops regularly and that moving forward, the Professional Development Allowance should be a percentage of gross monthly salary and not 1200 for all.

Making sure orientation courses are organized for newly elected local executive members and school representatives to make them function effectively in serving the Union at the grassroots.

Organising Entrepreneurship seminars aimed at making Union members to earn additional income.

Ensuring that future Collective Agreements are adhered to because the current one is just a document on the tables of our leaders and government and it is very pathetic.

Impressing upon the Ghana Education Service to grant study leave with pay to qualified teachers pursuing Second Degrees in Education-related courses and be put on the next rank, upon successful completion.

Ensuring that culprits who attack teachers are dealt with expeditiously, to serve as a deterrent to others.

Our Motto, we suggest should be changed based on consultations from “We Live, To Teach” to “We Teach, To Live”.

In conclusion, we wish GNAT the best and may we come out from this Delegates Conference stronger and poised for action towards serving the needs of teachers.

We are promising the Incoming National Executives of the Union our unflinching support and that they should be ready to work.

Long Live GNAT


Mathias Tulasi 0243735430

Christian Youngs

Lawrence Edem Tsorhe 0246176724

Heletsi Christopher 0243277764

Alfred Avorfodi 0201584617

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