Marginalization of Ewe tribe; Letter to the Ghana statistical service

Dear Ghana Statistical Service,

On page 296 of the PHC Field officer’s manual,there is an omission. The Ewe group has so many ethnic groups under the bigger group. We have the Tongu, ʋedome, Aŋlɔ, Agave and so many others.

A simple generalization of the Ethnic group is not the best in this situation. When trainees raise the issues, you don’t brush it aside in the name of Ewe’s always complaining about marginalization. The explanation of UCC designing the model and their explanation doesn’t hold.

The documents might have been prepared already,all you can do now is to tell developers of the application to add some few drop-down list to their codes and add another Field to their database and this issue will be resolved.

Let’s do the right thing.

Thank you.

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