MoE PRO, Kwasi Kwarteng Responds to GNAT’s Reprimand

The Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng, has responded to the reprimand issued by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) following his recent statement on the school placement expose.


In a rejoinder with a video link posted on his official Facebook page, Mr. Kwarteng urged the public to watch the full discussion on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, where he made the statement in question, to fully understand the context of his comments.

He also stated that he would never disrespect any institution, including teacher unions, and that he recognizes the crucial role they play in the education sector.


Mr. Kwarteng’s response comes after GNAT issued a statement expressing disappointment and anger at his assertion that the middlemen captured in the Fourth Estate’s investigative documentary on school placement for sale were not employees of the Education Ministry, but rather of the GNAT Hostel. GNAT denied any involvement in the scandal and called Mr. Kwarteng’s comments “vexatious and repugnant.”


The Education Ministry’s PRO had revealed that janitors and security personnel were involved in the controversial school placement for sale, but clarified that they were not employees of the ministry. He also called on the ministry to plug all loopholes to prevent officials linked to the exercise from using intermediaries such as security guards and cleaners to carry out their mandate.


Mr. Kwarteng’s response shows his commitment to ensuring that his comments are not misconstrued, and that he recognizes the important role played by teacher unions in the education sector. It remains to be seen whether GNAT will retract its statement or issue a response to Mr. Kwarteng’s clarification.


The controversy surrounding the school placement scandal highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the education sector, and the need for all stakeholders to work together to eliminate corruption and ensure that Ghana’s young learners are given the best possible chance to succeed.

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