NaSIA Dispatches Inspection Team to Ensure Quality Education Standards in Ghana

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) has announced the dispatch of a team of inspectors to commence compliance and performance inspection of schools across all regions of Ghana. The inspection aims to ensure that Public and Private Pre-Tertiary Educational Institutions meet the highest quality standards for quality education.

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority, formally known as National Inspectorate Board (NIB), according to the Education Regulatory Bodies Act(ERBA, 2020(ACT1023)) , is responsible for ensuring that schools in Ghana provide quality education that meets the needs of students and the country’s development goals. As part of its mandate, NaSIA licenses, regulates, and inspects all pre-tertiary educational institutions in Ghana.

The inspection team will visit all schools in the country to ensure compliance with the minimum standards set by NaSIA. These standards cover various areas such as infrastructure, teacher qualifications, teaching and learning materials, curriculum, and student welfare.

According to Dr. Haggar Hilda Ampadu, the Executive Director of NaSIA, the inspection exercise is crucial in ensuring that schools in Ghana provide quality education that meets the needs of students and the country’s development goals. She noted that the inspection exercise would not only help to enforce compliance but also identify areas where schools need support to improve their quality standards.

“The inspection exercise is aimed at improving learning outcomes in schools and ensuring that all children in Ghana have access to quality education,” Dr. Ampadu said. “We will use the results of the inspection to guide our interventions and support schools that need help to improve their quality standards.”

The inspection exercise will cover both public and private pre-tertiary educational institutions, and the results of the exercise will be made public. Schools that meet the minimum standards will receive a license to operate, while schools that do not meet the standards will be required to take corrective action.

The NaSIA inspection exercise is in line with the government’s commitment to improving the quality of education in Ghana. The government has identified education as a key driver of the country’s development and has invested heavily in the sector in recent years.

The inspection exercise will run throughout the year, and schools are encouraged to cooperate fully with the inspectors to ensure a successful outcome. NaSIA has urged all schools to comply with the minimum standards and work towards improving their quality standards continuously.

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Source : Informed Teachers Network

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