Population and Housing Census (PHC) 2021: Dates, Questions, others

Population and Housing Census Officers will be visiting your residences and businesses starting Sunday, 13th June, 2021, through to 20th June, 2021 for the population and Housing Census exercise 2021.

The housing census will be mostly characterised by writing with chalk on the walls of most structures mostly known as Structure Numbers (2021PHC/000/0000 –

eg. 2021PHC/075/0004).

The purpose of this exercise is to aid in the counting of the number of structures within an Enumeration Area (mostly divided according to localities) and also to aid the Enumerator in identifying HOUSEHOLDS for Enumeration.

Questions to be asked by Enumerators

1. The Address of the Structure:
– Name of Owner
– House Number
– Street Name
– Popular Name of House

2. Ghana Post Address of the structure and not the whole compound. So if you have 3 structures on one compound, each structure must have its own Ghana Post Address. NB: An Enumerator is not supposed to generate one for you hence it will be best if you can provide the GP Address yourself.

3. The structure use i.e. what the structure is used for.

4. Whether the structure has a toilet facility or not.

5. The type of toilet facility. This refers particularly to where the feaces are contained when discharged and not the user interface such as WC. For this, the enumerator must be allowed to view for him or herself with clarification from you the respondent.

6. Number of toilet rooms available in the structure.

7. You’ll be asked if any household lives in this structure. A household should not be confused for as a family. A household can refer to a group of people, related or unrelated, with A common living arrangement, eat from a common pot and recognise one person as head. This should be explained better by the Enumerator.

8. You’ll also be asked if there are people who may Be sleeping outside and/or around the structure.

9. The name of the household head (as explained in 7 above)

10. Sex of the Household Head

11. The contact of the household head.

12. Number of persons in The household.

Please note! it’s a Housing Census and the Population Census itself will start on 27th June, 2021.

Kindly cooperate with Enumerators of the Population and Housing Census as they’re humans as you but on national assignment.

You Count, Get Counted. #YouCountGetCounted

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