Teacher to face disciplinary committee for shaving students at school

Kafui David,  primary 6 teacher of the Akyem Oda Primary school has landed himself in trouble after going the extra mile to shave students in school.

Going after several students with bushy hair, Kafui the primary 6 teacher thought he was doing the students some real good by making them look appropriate for class and school. Little did he know that this act of kindness thus touching student’s hair with scissors will  land him at the wrong side of the law.

He ended up in the police station and was later invited by the education disciplinary committee of the Education office. Although he was granted bail but will still face the Akyem Oda Education Office disciplinary committee to answer questions for his actions and appropriate actions taken.


Kafui David after completing teacher college of education was posted to Akyem Oda Catholic Primary school to serve since 2019. He has been at post teaching for three years now. Kafui like many other teachers has not limited his work to the firewalls of his designated class only. He spread his wings and devotes his time to training and shaping the life’s of every other student in the school.

He is also known for organizing free extra classes to all students in the school on weekends on healthy living and dressing.

As an advocate of healthy lifestyle living, Kafui takes it upon himself to advise and guide students to take care of their hairs, barber them to acceptable levels before reporting to school.

Through the support from other teachers, the Akyem Oda Catholic Primary School has been noted throughout the township for being the school with neatly dressed and well-mannered students. But Kafui might have taken it too far this time.

He is reported to have moved around the various classes with his shaving sticks, and scissors shaving students with bushy hair.

A primary four student, Ohenewaa was among the students who fell prey to the scissors of Kafui and was given her share of the shave. Ohenewaa’s father Mr Yamoah however was pissed by the teacher’s act.

According to him, He tries to always make sure his children are well kept and  didn’t see any reason why a teacher who is supposed to teach will be shaving her daughter at school.

Mr Yamoah reported th incident to the Akyem Oda Police station. Together with two policemen, Mr. Kafui David was arrested afternoon. Latter in the evening, he was granted bail after the headmaster of the school came with the Akyem Oda Education officers to pleaded to plead with Mr Yamoah to withdraw the case from the police station.

The Education Officers assured Mr Yamoah that their outfit will ensure the disciplinary committe sits on the case and make sure the right thing is done according to the code of conduct for teachers under the Ghana Education service.

Further issues

Mr Kafui is arraigned to face the Akyem Oda District Education Office Disciplinary Committee on Monday morning to justify why he shaved students in school especially during contact hours while class was ongoing.

The charges he will be facing includes; abusing, disgracing distracting students. The second count is neglect of duty and misuse of instructional period. He’s not posted to the school as a barber.

The core mandate of the teacher is to teach students not to barber them. In any case, teachers can ensure uniformity, decency and neatness by recommending to students to go see a barber and have their hairs shaved not the other way round.


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