The 54th General Secretary Of NUGS Calls For Increase In NSS Allowance.

Julius Kwame Anthony, the 54th General Secretary of the National Union of Ghana Students, has called for an increase in the National Service Scheme allowance. He claims that transportation fares have increased by 20%. Between January and May, the cost of transportation has nearly doubled. Food prices have taken their own upward trajectory.

Then there’s the GHS.559 NSS allowance, which was worth around $150 in 2016.

He further indicated that the NSS allowance is still GHS.559, or $74.2 USD, six years later. Personnel going from Legon to Accra Central would spend GHS.11 on transportation in the current economic climate (ie if the personnel walk from their place of work to the main road before picking a troski). They would labor for 22 days a month, paying GHS.242 just on transportation. Almost half of the allowance was spent without regard for feeding. When you consider what’s feeding it, there’s a huge hole that personnel must fill!!

He did say, however, that the scheme’s managers had received many raises in their pay and allowances since 2016, but nothing for the people who employ them. Worst of all, they didn’t pay on time!!! It’s May 9th, and you still haven’t paid for March and April!!

No one needs to tell NSS and the government that they need to enhance personnel allowances in a world where processes work. The crooked syndicate that poses as representatives of the staff, on the other hand, is a topic for another day.

“My generation is suffering while remaining silent.” Virtually muttering on WhatsApp networks as though the scheme’s managers, who profit from their existence, are also using those channels. It’s almost as if anyone with the stomach to oppress and abuse us would get away with it.

For the love of God, we’re 81,000!! 81,000 college freshmen should be allowed to demand a more equitable system for themselves. So why are we mumbling instead of speaking up? Why is it that the NSS boss goes to work and gets paid on time while we don’t??”

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