The remarkable business story of Margaret Andega, who built the largest African supplies store in the US

Kenyan businesswoman Margaret Andega, who graduated from high school in the late 1990s and now operates the largest African supplies store in the USA.

Kenyan businesswoman Margaret Andega, who graduated from high school in the late 1990s and now operates the largest African supplies store in the USA.

Margaret, who was born in Madira Village in the Sabatia Constituency of Vihiga County, migrated to the US together with her husband. But three decades later, she has established herself as a well-known businesswoman in Atlanta, Georgia’s downtown.

Madam Andega discussed her challenges and accomplishments as an African businesswoman pursuing the American dream in an interview with Ameyaw Debrah on AmeyawTV (from her office complex in Atlanta, Georgia).

Margaret Andega is a prime example of a woman entrepreneur out to rule the world. Whereas women used to start businesses out of necessity, more and more women today are doing so out of desire and ambition, fusing modernism with respect for tradition.

Following her graduation from the Atlanta University Center, Margaret began selling African goods to spread awareness of the African culture wherever she could.

When Margaret established Afrocentric Network, her enthusiasm had developed into a complete business concept. It is a one-stop shop for African goods, including clothing for adults, children, and even babies.

Asked why she started the Afrocentric Network, Margaret responded, “It’s been a work in progress; as a businessperson, you take advantage of business possibilities that come along. About 25 years ago, all that was offered was African jewelry and art. But I actually got my start by peddling my idea out of the trunk of my car.

There was a product at the time that originated in Kenya and gained popularity throughout the US. I took advantage of it and pushed the identical goods into major department stores who were in desperate need of the product that was in low supply. I brought the product in enormous containers. When the product is available and everyone wants it, the door is easier to open, I realized.

In theory, every woman may start her own business, but not all of them are qualified to do so. There are many skills and abilities needed for business success, not all of which can be learned in the classroom. The example of Margaret Andega, who exudes a strong personality that enables her to overcome obstacles and take

Regarding how she has been able to expand her business over the years, Margaret said:

“Most of my clients are African-Americans, who have always been accepting of African culture long before Africans themselves became accepting of African culture. Therefore, the increase was enormous when Africa became hip. The internet has also contributed to the growth’s 1,000% increase. Before the internet, getting a product from Africa to the US required attending numerous tradeshows, but now Africa is just a click away and everyone can view it at once.

To meet the needs of African-Americans in the United States, Margaret Andega sources her products from several African nations, such as Ghana, Kenya, Mali, and South Africa, through Afrocentric Network.

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